Kids Music

—  Erica is an award winning singer/songwriter of kids music. Her first original kids album, "PB & JAMS," was recognized as a 2017 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner!


Kids Music


Erica is currently writing, recording, and performing two new kids albums that will come out late Summer and Fall. Erica also creates custom jingles and original music for kids shows, podcasts, apps, and programs. Erica also performs at schools and youth programs.

Erica brings her skillful musicianship, expertise in children’s education, and passion for kids to every project she takes on.
Email ericarabnermusic@gmail.com
to inquire about custom music or live performances.



Erica wrote "The Thanksgiving Song" for Sesame Workshop's original YouTube channel: Sesame Studios.


Demo Singing

Erica performed the role of Barbie in "Roll With It", a music video for Mattel's Barbie Dreamtopia.



Sticky. Delicious. Silly.


 "PB & JAMS," a 2017 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner, is an album of sticky, delicious, and silly, message-driven music for preschoolers and parents. Each song strives to deliver messages through signature hooks that kids can sing along to, recall, and apply later when they encounter relevant experiences.  

Erica believes songs can act as anthems that inspire learning and prosocial behaviors. Her catchy tunes motivate kids to ask questions and be curious, try new things, dream, and be kind to others.