Voice Over

—  Erica is a storyteller. Her voice has ease, warmth, depth, and personality. And when she’s not reading stories aloud, she’s writing them.


Voice Over

Erica specializes in naturally reading/speaking to kids. Her voice is genuine and non-condescending. She can play the informative, friendly expert or the bubbly, upbeat narrator. She has voiced apps, videos, and commercials for Disney, PBS, MarcoPolo Learning, Pinna, StoryToys, Anthem/Empire, Google, and more.


Children's Books


Erica's newest challenge is writing picture and board books for 2-7 year olds.  She takes inspiration from her own childhood as well as conversations she overhears on the subway, at the grocery store, and anywhere else in the New York jungle. Ask her about ‘Pizza Rat’ or ‘The Anthology of Poop,’ and she’ll happily talk your ear off.